The Challenge of Asset Recovery

The location and recovery of post-escheat corporate property assets is a labor-intensive and complex process. Businesses that undertake in-house search programs can easily be overwhelmed by the demands that these initiatives require of an organization. Current internet-based search tools provided by government entities are often inefficient, yielding inaccurate and incomplete results. Sadly, in the end, these activities often result in a fraction of the available assets being recovered.

The Boomerang Solution

Companies searching for unclaimed property are often hampered by a lack of available resources, technology, and experience. Boomerang helps customers overcome these obstacles by bringing a powerful set of technological solutions and processes to their unclaimed property recovery efforts.

Not only can Boomerang help more effectively and efficiently recover what is rightfully theirs, this can be accomplished with no risk whatsoever.

Boomerang’s Proven Process

Database Aggregation

Boomerang works to continuously acquire and aggregate all known federal, state and county unclaimed property databases. These efforts result in the creation of one master searchable database containing an industry-leading 350 million lines of property.

Corporate Lineage Research

Many corporations are likely to operate under an extensive list of current and former business entities, all of which may have unclaimed property assets. Our extensive research process ensures that every current and former business name and address are included in our search criteria.

Boomerang Automated Property Locator Technology

Unclaimed property search sites don’t allow dynamic searches, nor can they comprehensively uncover errors in spelling, punctuation and abbreviations. Boomerang’s locator technology is capable of quickly locating large volumes of unclaimed property within a single automated search, including all property containing such anomalies.

Claims Fulfillment Management

Once a piece of unclaimed property has been properly located, then the true works begins. Boomerang post-location services include the acquisition, compilation and organization of all materials necessary for a property claim to be submitted. Our proprietary Claim Tracking System allows customers to monitor every claim’s progress in real time, from submission to payment.

Our Customers