Success Stories

Client Success

These clients experienced the Boomerang difference and realized powerful ROI.

Health Benefits Company Gets a Surprise Injection of Unclaimed Money

A leading health benefits company was conducting unclaimed property in-house before they came to Boomerang Asset Recovery. Employing temps, they had searched 20 entity names on various state unclaimed property sites. After having recovered $800,000 in missing assets over the course of a year, they believed they had accounted for everything.

Some time later, a business associate introduced the company to Boomerang, which executed a more comprehensive search on nearly 300 previously unchecked entity names. That effort uncovered an extra $2 million in unclaimed property assets not identified by client’s initial in-house search process. A healthy addition to the client’s bottom line, indeed.

Unearthing Big Money in the Construction Materials Business

One of the world’s largest construction materials providers retained Boomerang to do some digging of our own. What we ultimately uncovered was an old demutualized insurance pension fund worth $400,000. Imagine the company’s surprise to find that this property had been sitting in a state treasury under a former subsidiary company that hadn’t been in operation since the 1950’s!

Taking Stock of Lost Stocks

While conducting an unclaimed property search for a leading regional securities firm, Boomerang discovered an unclaimed stock certificate worth $250,000. Due to confusion arising from a complex merger, this certificate had been missing for five years.