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State Treasuries Hold $Billions in Unclaimed Corporate Assets. Know how much of this could be yours?

Save time. Save money. Realize ROI.

Boomerang Asset Recovery specializes in helping Fortune 500 companies identify, locate and recover their post-escheat property. Our mission is to simplify corporate asset recovery by minimizing the need for customer involvement, while maximizing recovery and ROI.

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How much unclaimed property does your company have out there ready to be collected?

How much unclaimed property does your company have out there ready to be collected?
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Critical Technology

Innovative tools to find property that’s impossible to locate by manually searching individual unclaimed property web sites.

Proprietary Solutions

Our unclaimed property location process is automated and will identify all property containing data anomalies in a matter of minutes.

Industry Leaders

Our management team combines seasoned financial experts with the best minds in the field of Information Technologies. Together we deliver effective asset recovery solutions for both large and small corporations.

Client Promise

We save our clients time and money and deliver ROI. We don’t collect any money until you do.

Proven Process

We apply a thorough, specialized process developed over years of successful client work.

Unparalleled Efficiency

Unclaimed property databases contain anomalies that cause most in-house searches to uncover only 25% of available assets. Our proprietary software system allows us to better match your company to your assets.

Client Successes


Unclaimed Property

Health Company Gets a Surprise Injection of Unclaimed Money.

A leading health benefits company was conducting unclaimed property in-house and believed they had accounted for everything. Upon beginning a partnership with Boomerang, we were able to uncover an extra $2 million in unclaimed property assets.

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Unearthing Big Money in the Construction Business

One of the world’s largest construction materials providers retained Boomerang to do some digging of our own. What we ultimately uncovered was an old demutualized insurance pension fund worth $400,000.

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Taking Stock of Lost Stocks

While conducting an unclaimed property search for a leading regional securities firm, Boomerang discovered an unclaimed stock certificate worth $250,000. Due to confusion arising from a complex merger, this certificate had been missing for five years.

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