The Boomerang Differenece

Experience the Boomerang Difference

Since our founding in 2006, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing corporate customers with an easy, measurable and cost-effective solution for successfully managing their unclaimed property efforts. Unlike many competitors, our energies are entirely concentrated on locating and returning unclaimed corporate property. This singular focus has led us to develop an advanced suite of technological solutions capable of comprehensively locating the most elusive of unclaimed property assets. We’ve also developed a set of proven processes for tracking claims that ensure your claims are paid quickly and completely.

A New Way to Maximize your ROI

Boomerang’s business processes help maximize returns even further by providing a measurable and cost-effective solution for successfully managing their unclaimed property recovery efforts. Our Claim Tracking System allows you to even follow the progress of every single claim made on your behalf, from the time it was filed until the time payment is made.

Start to Finish

We handle the entire asset recovery process: from search to location to submitting the claim forms. All that is required of you is to sign the claims and cash the checks when they arrive.

Critical Technology

Boomerang’s cutting-edge automated property locator allows for a more comprehensive search across multiple unclaimed property databases. We save you time and deliver greater results than internet-based searches alone.

Proprietary Solutions

Locating the unclaimed property is but the first step in a lengthy process to claim it. Boomerang’s proprietary claims tracking system helps us stay on top of claims as they work their way through multiple governmental layers.

Client Promise

The focus at Boomerang will be entirely on locating and recovering your unclaimed property as quickly and trouble-free as possible. Your success will also be ours, because we don’t get paid until you do.

Our Customers